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Suggestions for Backup ACS v.5


I was wondering   if anybody could share how they have setup the backup  configuration.

When I compare the backup files from the ACS v.5 with those in v.4, the backup files are much larger. I had the backup files from the v. 4 server saved on a network share  on a windows server. Each dmp file was just 600 KB, so we had the last 20 Backups saved on the drive.

When I make a backup of  a ACS v.5 Configuation -  which I use for Tacacs device authentication, so we have a pretty large configuration with about 15000 devices on it, the backup is 800MB! We would quickly reach the limit of the drive...

what is sensible to do here ?


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Which ACS release are you using. I believe that from ACS release ACS 5.3 release and onwards will find that the backup sizes are smaller.

In ACS 5.3 there were some fixes made that reduce the size of the transactions table. Trnasaction records relate to records related to config changes and manage notification of these changes to secondaries and run time components. Transactions are stored in the config database but do not contain configuration data.

In 5.2 they were not cleaned well and this is improved in 5.3.

Can't find all related CDETS at the moment but here is an example;

CSCth78269 ACSTRANSACTIONS table is not cleaned properly during bulk operations 

Other customers reported reduction in size after upgrading to ACS 5.3

hi, I am already on version 5.3...

do you also save to a windows server? how large is or drive ?


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Re: Suggestions for Backup ACS v.5

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Hi Ida,

The ACS 5.x and 4.x are totally different as you already probably know, you are right in 4.x the backup size are very small they will almost never reach the MB size, however 5.x is a totally different story.

5.x has different backup files, one for configuration, one for configuration + CLI, one for logging section. The most common backup and the most important as well is the configuration backup, this one can be collected from the CLI using:

ACS# acs backup backup-name repository repository-name

Or you can configure the ACS to collect configuration backup files by schedule from System Administration section, this option will collect the configuration settings only. However the backup size still will be MB size.

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