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WLC Integrated with NAC - Need to be able to show User Names

Have WCS (5.2.148) - 2 WLCs. WLCs are integrated with Cisco NAC appliances. Cisco NAC authenticates against Active Directory Database when users log in. Is there any way to have WCS show those usernames in the "Username" fields? It appears that the user name field in WCS is only populated when a "local" user or "Guest" account authenticates? Appears kinda goofy to me....Am I missing something?

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In WCS and controller software release 5.0, you can set a global username, password, and enable password that all access points inherit as they join a controller. This includes all access points that are currently joined to the controller and any that join in the future. When you are adding an access point, you can also choose to accept this global username and password or override it on a per-access point basis and assign a unique username, password, and enable password.

Actually, was talking about the "end user" (host) usernames when they authenticate through AD by way of the NAC authentication. Was wanting to pass that logon info to the client reports in WCS. Guess I didn't make that real clear.


If using NAC to authenticate the users, i don't think you can have end user names showing in WLCs or and WCS. You can use WLC for user authentication and set up SSO with NAC.

Maybe try using layer 3 authentication through the WLC but have it use the credentials on the machine... not sure if this is possible.

If you can get this to work then the username will show up in the WLC and in the CAM  (under certified devices).

I will see if I can find a URL and post it, I believe I saw something like this that may work.

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