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2 vlans 2 isps


I have 2 VLANS one for marketing ,the other for human resources if I want to each one to have an ISP I have a switch and a router + 2 public IP one for isp1 and the other for isp2 is it enough just for access list i searched a lot people seems to be talking about the route map i don't understand what is the need for it, ofc am doing PAT overload on the public IPS will this work or do I need something else other then the access list and pating also am using static routing between my router and isp router am i missing anything ?

keep in my mind this is in a cisco packet tracer 

Thanks in advance 


1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

You need PBR


The traffic arrive to router and router use RIB to forward the traffic,

But the RIB check only the destination the traffic go on not source from where this traffic come

Here we can not use RIB to make router forward vlan1 to isp1 and vlan2 to isp2 hence we use pbr 

In pbr we use extend acl 

Match vlan1 to any then set next hop isp1

Match vlan2 to any the set next hop isp2

In simple words

PBR check both source and destination 

RIB check destination only


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