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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


3850 Stack Lo ADDR

I have a stack of 3850, currently there are 3 in this stack. I would like to place a Loopback IPADDR on each of the switches in case one would drop. I currently am monitoring the main management IPADDR but when the 3 switch decided to drop a couple times this morning I was unaware. 


How would I place the Lo ADDR on each switch? 


Session switch 3 only provides these options:


Exec mode commands
ap Global access points commands
clear Clear commands
codecov request cflow command
copy Copy commands
debug Debug commands
default Set a command to its defaults
disable User privilege level
enable Enable privilege level
license Configure license.
no Negate a command or set its defaults
request Request commands
session Open a connection
set Set commands
show Show commands
switch Switch related paramtes
terminal Terminal parameters
test test commands
wireless Configure wireless parameters

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Re: 3850 Stack Lo ADDR

If they are in stack, you should able to get information in to your monitoring system or logs for sure.


In Stack, you can not configure individually, they are virtually 1 switch. if the master switch go down, another one elected as master, depends on how you configured.


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Re: 3850 Stack Lo ADDR

There is currently only one Uplink for the connection at this moment. They is no failover.  


The 3rd switch in the stack had been dropping but in PRTG, I was not able to see the individual switch statues. I was looking to place an IPADDR on the switch in order to setup pings to be noticed when they failed. The logging is not producing why they are failing, but wanted to be proactive without the users reporting the connection was down for them.

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Re: 3850 Stack Lo ADDR

Master switch holds the configuration, i am sure PRTG / Solarwinds able to generate email or event alerts for stack member loss.


example :


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