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Affordable tools for network discovery, LAN diagramming, and cabling management

I have a huge technical challenge that I am seeking some advice on: I need to help some folks to create detailed network documentation (LAN diagrams in Visio, cabling port mapping, router & switch configuration details, etc.) on a 200-300 node network that has practically no documentation on it at all! (The chief network admin kept most info hoarded in his head and took it all when he left suddenly.)

These folks are about to start a complete headquarters renovation, so they need to move people temporarily to a different floor, and then move them back when the renovation is completed. The timeline is critical as they want to take advantage of the holidays to get these infrastructure changes done in the least impactful way.

From what I have learned so far, most of the key network devices are Cisco switches & routers, so I’m guessing that there are probably software tools that can do network discovery via CDP protocol that might help with gathering a lot of the basic network data needed: IP addresses, hostnames, MAC addresses, host type, port assignments, gateways, VLANs, etc.

Also, I am guessing that there might be a good application for tracking the cabling infrastructure from wall plates to patch panels to switch ports.

But I am not sure what tools & procedures to use on a project like this.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know someone who could point me in the right direction?



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