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AP "stuck" in Prime


Running Prime 3.1 MR6 Update 1 DP11


Had an AP (3702, driven by a Wism2) fail in our environment. Another AP got the failed AP's IP address. Prime now shows two AP's as registered. Both have the same IP but different hostnames. The controller does not show the failed AP as associated though.


Deleting the AP from Prime fails - says still associated to the controller. Placing it in maintenance mode says it's successful but it really isn't. Deleting it afterwords still fails in the same manner. I've taken the AP that got the same IP offline manually. It's disappeared out of Prime. The failed AP (which is now physically disconnected from the network) still shows as registered.


I've synched the controller manually several times. Any thoughts?

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Flavio Miranda

Hello @Y C

 Maybe a bit exaggerated but you can try stop/start Prime service. 






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Good call, worth a shot. *drums fingers while it goes down and comes back up*.....Unfortunately that didn't work either :( 

This is a typical situation where you need to open a TAC and wait for them engage BU team. Then, a big boy will access PI Database and delete it via query.

 My 50 cent on it.




-If I helped you somehow, please, rate it as useful.-

Yep I suspected I was heading that way. Was just curious if it happened to anyone else.

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