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Cisco Employee

ASR1k medianet performance monitor config issue

Hi, I am having issues with configuring performance monitor (medianet) on an ASR1002-X.

The command '(config)#policy-map type performance-monitor' does not exist despite documentation stating otherwise.
All the other required commands work fine. Just this one does not.

I have tried various different software versions including the recommended and the latest.

Current SW version (cisco recommended)

Installed Licences
Index 1 Feature: adventerprise
Index 2 Feature: advipservices
Index 3 Feature: ipbase
Index 4 Feature: avc
Index 7 Feature: cube_250
Index 8 Feature: cube_250_red
Index 10 Feature: cube_ent_100_red
Index 14 Feature: firewall
Index 15 Feature: fpi
Index 16 Feature: fwnat_red
Index 17 Feature: gtp_addon_aic

NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Cisco ASR1002-X Chassis"
PID: ASR1002-X         , VID: V01, SN: xxxxxxxxxxxx

NAME: "module 0", DESCR: "Cisco ASR1002-X SPA Interface Processor"
PID: ASR1002-X         , VID:    , SN:

NAME: "SPA subslot 0/0", DESCR: "6-port Built-in GE SPA"
PID: 6XGE-BUILT-IN     , VID:    , SN:

NAME: "module R0", DESCR: "Cisco ASR1002-X Route Processor"
PID: ASR1002-X         , VID: V01, SN: xxxxxxxxxxxx

NAME: "module F0", DESCR: "Cisco ASR1002-X Embedded Services Processor"
PID: ASR1002-X         , VID:    , SN:

Is this supported?
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


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