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HiI recently made a fresh install of LMS 4.1 and added all of our devices (about 400 devices). After configuring all jobs and services everything ran fine.After a few days a guy from the server team called me and told me that the CPU-usage increased ...

dominikhug by Beginner
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I have an Ironport S370 who is serving 30 users. The actual RAM usage is 78%, how should I check what processes are consuming the RAM?I think this is the cause that the managemente console is much slower than some weeks before.Thanks for your help,Se...

slizarraga by Beginner
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Hello,Did setup the Logrotation Schedule, applied and got a response that it scheduled. If I call this again, everithing is shown as default. And I cant find Logrotation Job in the global Job-Browser.are there any hints how to can find this Logrotati...

Hi,We are relocating ciscoworks on same server from c to e: drive, with new installation on e:drive. Our backup is alread Saved in below folder of e: driveE:\backupFile\0\ here are all databases folders e.g.rmeng,cmf etc.Please tell me the cli comman...

raza555 by Participant
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