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Hi,We are relocating ciscoworks on same server from c to e: drive, with new installation on e:drive. Our backup is alread Saved in below folder of e: driveE:\backupFile\0\ here are all databases folders e.g.rmeng,cmf etc.Please tell me the cli comman...

raza555 by Participant
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Hi Experts,I recall using some of Cisco's tools where it required me to enter the SNMP RW and enable password to manage core switches similar to a 4507.  With this tool, I am able to set the vlan association of several ports among other things.  From...

I see LMS adjusted syslog.conf to receive udp514 => => /var/log/syslog_info => DBDoes it mean its receiving severity info only or including everything else above (warn, crit, ...) as well?If not, how can we extend that everithing else abo...

HelloI upgraded the LMS 4.0 with LMS 4.0.1 but now the events are removed of Fault View. The equipaments than I am monitoring are: ME-3600, ME-3800 and ASR 9000. This is a configuration problem or I have to update something else?. Thanks.

Hi guys,Did anyone do the integration of LMS 4.0 and ACS 5.2 before? I really didn't found any docs and I will appreciate if anyone can share or tell me how to integrate this tools!Yuri

yurimecca by Beginner
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Hi ,I am having trouble updating LMS. Find attached the psu.log file.My client insists that for * sites the authentication is none, but for all other sites it requires NTLM authentication.Can you please give me a hint?Regards,Nicos Nicolaid...