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Hi,Presently we have  purchased Cisco LMS3.2 package now.We need to install the same in our UCS server.My quiry is can we have option to upgrade to LMS 4.1 version with free upgradation.If so let me know how to do the same by upgrading with same LMS ...

hi,   i have a question regarding cisco 500 series switches and it is that if we want to shut down this switch remotely then is it possible or it has to be done manually by going to the switch location and disconnecting the power supply because i don...

Hi Every one I want to install Cisco Access Registrar 5  on two different servers in active/ active designWhat design or requirements for active/ active deploiement ?Using Sun Solaris ? (i know using sun Sloaris i can have this mode of high availabil...

Hello,We're using LMS3.2 and have a requirement to email a list of all hosts to our customer each day.Campus Manager can obviously create the report, however, I can't find a way to attach the report to an email to the customer.Ideally I'd prefer not ...

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