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User Tracking like traceroute

May I get any kind report or tool for user tracking link traceroute?I mean is "user A or server <--> layer2 switch <--> layer2 switch <--> gateway <--> layer2 switch <--> layer2 switch <--> userB "May I get User tracking report user A to user B     o...

mcrichard by Beginner
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Resolved! DCNM to Nexus communication

Hi,I found following list of ports that need to be opened on a firewall between the DCNM server and the DCNM client: about the ports r...

Network Discovery

Hi friends, I've been looking fo a network tool that helps me to find all the models and versions of my network devices. Once I used Cisco Discovery Tool but now as I've seen it was changed to be a service now. Do you know any software that could hel...

jonasdiaz by Beginner
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How to get OIDs of indexes for class-map ?

I have policy-map configured on cisco router with some class-maps inside. I need to draw a graph traffic passing through these classes. To make a graphs I use Cacti  which use SNMP query to draw the graphs (object name cbQosObjectsIndex). How to get ...

jouk by Beginner
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CiscoWorks LMS 4

HI,I have installed CiscoWorks LMS4 on Windows 2003 Server Standard SP 2. Unfortunately, I have only 2 Gb memory and the 2003 server is only allowing 4Gb on Virtual memory.The installation completed with the warnings:----- end of Reconfiguring CMF......

Setting up VLAN through CW

Hi All,I am working on a assignment wherein I need to programatically setup a VLAN using Ciscoworks.Though it may be a very basic operation however we have some restrictions in our environment. We cannot use LMS GUI and we also cannot use device CLI ...