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Resolved! IP addressing

When setting up ip addressing with subnetting, what address does the ethernet connection to the router get? For example: The subnet is, Would Fa0/0 be ?  And would that be the Default Gateway?  Finally, would that also be...

Quick question, I am running out of IP addresses in my /24 subnet.  I would like to expand from a /24 to a /22 giving me IPs from -  Wondering if I can continue to use as my gateway but still use...

kerryjcox by Level 1
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Question. Will Cisco LMS Prime 4.1 be getting a map module, so you are able to see a graphical map of up and down status of devices? I know the topology map is a module within LMS, but what would be nice to see is a graphical map, where you are able ...

So recently we've had some 3750 controller failures.  to be exact, today's issue is:Nov  1 10:31:39: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_ERR: Controller error, Controller number 8: accessing failedSo I was thinking of how I could send out alerts on LMS.  Keep in m...

Hi!I have internet connection on my cisco 2811 router, and i want to test bandwidth of this connection. Recenty i heared about ttcp tool. I tried it, but i saw bandwidth something about 7 Mb/s, but really connection greater then 20 Mb/s (must be 30 M...

ieasm0001 by Level 1
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Hi...We received from our Partner L-CWLMS-4.0-300UP instead of CWLMS-4.0-300UPK9. Are these the same, except one is e-delivery? And after registering the PAK we received the license via email, but there was no link to download the actual LMS 4.0 to s...

mo shea by Level 1
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