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cisco catalyst 2960

Would appreciate any help regarding these questions from a newbie.  The 2960 has 24 10/100 ports and 2 uplink ports 10/100/1000. 1)  I believe 10/100 Ethernet uses 4 wires and 1000 Ethernet uses 8 wires.  Will the uplink ports connect all 8 of its wi...

LMS 4.0 failover or HA

Hello,reading documentation seems that only ways to build a failover/HA solution with LMS can be done with Veritas cluster and ESX/i HA features.due to limited budget, anyone of you knows another way to create a failover solution ?Thanks in advanced.

gballanti by Beginner
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LMS3.2 :Why did I recieve an error msg: Insufficient no. of interactive responses(or timeout) for command

Hello,I'm deploying ssh v2 using RME netconfig, LMS 3.2.  It failed in some devices with this message error:Deploy command partially failed Primary Login Succeeded / Primary Enable Succeeded Insufficient no. of interactive responses(or timeout) for c...

reachablitly dashboard

In my organziation i have ciscoworks 2000 which has reachablitly dashboard for WAN interfaces so that if any interface fail down the helpdesk people will be notified directly.Can i have the same feature and same dashboard in ciscoworks 4.0 ? if not h...

Uploading BGP MIB to HUM

Hello,I'm attempting to load which I downloaded into HUM (1.2.0 on Solaris). All the dependencies are there, but I get the following error   " ERROR: Unable to serialize the object into database. Check if MIB details are  available in dat...

cdorsch by Beginner
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