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How to get IfName in Rmon traps ?

Hi,I'm currently deploying a Nagios monitoring solution on my network. So what i'm trying to do is getting an alarm when there is a lot of traffic or errors packets on a IF, i get it like that in my snmptrapd :2011-05-12 10:58:21 <UNKNOWN> [UDP: [10....

DCR Issues LMS 4.0

I have been having some problems running discovery and executing device management functions. The common problem is that I am getting:ErrorError in communicating with DCR Server. DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCR Server and then refresh th...

Marvin Rhoads by VIP Community Legend
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Resolved! LMS 3.2 - CM 5.2.1 - UT Acquisition failed + Processes Down Strangely

Hi,I just updated everything I could in LMS CiscoWorks 3.2.Software updates are all done.Device updates aswell.When I'm trying to do an UT acquisition, I recieve a strange message : Failed to start acquisition: Initial Data Collection is not done yet...

RMON for stats collection

Hi there,I've been tasked with setting up nbar on our network to garner ip protocol/user top talker stats on a collector "eHealth". I've been told that RMON needs to be enabled on our Routers to be able to get these stats.Is there a basic RMON config...

Resolved! IP SLA authentication

Hi Guys,I'm seeking some clarification on the functionality of IP SLA authentication.I have configured an open ended responder on my network usign the ip sla responder command. I havea few routers using the device for various IP SLA monitors. I am no...