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LMS 3.2 DFM Event Summary problem

Hi all,I have two issues, and one question:Issues:1)In the DFM portlet, under DFM Evnets Summary I see a list stating that I have 2 devices that have Event Name as Duplicate. When I click on the number 2, it opens up Device Fault Manager - Alerts and...

gudvardur by Beginner
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EEM and TCL Interface

Hi.I need help. How to implementation EEM.I want use EEM this situation.If the syslogmessage "Interface.., changed state to down" comes than the Router should Reload.IOS 12.4(15)T8/T12Sry for my bad english

Resolved! lms discovery: loopback address

Hi,I need to discover some new devices which are configured with several loopback interfaces. The problem is that the loopback interface used for Administration is not the one with the highest IP address (as I understood that it is the process follow...

Forward ERSPAN at the local Router

Hello everybody,I configured erspan on the remote and the local router and it works fine. For sniffing the packets I have to connect the packet sniffer (e.g. wireshark on a laptop) to an interface on the local router (i.e. the destination of the ersp...

Cisco Works password recovery

I need to reset the admin password for Cisco Works. I've followed the online documentation and the different methods posted do not seem to work.The first method I saw was to edit the cwpass file located at C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\lib\classpath\com\ci...

simpsoro2 by Beginner
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