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We currently have an old AdTran L3 device pulling from a Fortigate firewall and feeding old switches.  To replace these old things we got two new Cisco C9300L units, one L3 one L2.  I'm trying to configure the L3 to be as closely matching to the old ...

jayu by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I work for a managed cloud provider and in my time here, I have come across many things that need to be cleaned up from previous upgrades, moves, changes, etc...  One of those is I have found a /29 subnet on a 2960XR switch that I want...

sebbing by Level 1
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Hello,  I run a scheduled EEM script on my ASA to backup the running-config which works just fine except for a minor issue. When the file gets backs up, it replaces the former file there because of same name. This works in contrast with what I have r...

Folks,What is UCS in networking? A unified computing system (UCS) is is a converged data center architecture that integrates computing, networking and storage resources to increase efficiency and enable centralized management. UCS products are design...