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I'm currently using LMS 3.2 and would like to integrate it via TACACS+ with an ACS 4.2.I hope this is the right place to ask my question.I encountered a problem while configuring AAA mode in LMS: after setting "AAA Mode Setup" to ACS (instead of non-...

D-N by Level 1
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Hi,After installing the New Cisco LMS (Version 4.0) I am facing the following problems that need to be resolved.1.Leased line connectivity from Central router to remote locations are showing as cloud.In earlier version this is not showing.2.How to g...

ikbalc by Level 1
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Hi all,I recently installed CWLMS 4.0 and 4.0.1. I configured the Discovery Setting and started the discovery but it gives me the error message"Error in communicating with DCR Server. DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCR Server and then start...

May I get any kind report or tool for user tracking link traceroute?I mean is "user A or server <--> layer2 switch <--> layer2 switch <--> gateway <--> layer2 switch <--> layer2 switch <--> userB "May I get User tracking report user A to user B     o...

mcrichard by Level 1
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Hi,I found following list of ports that need to be opened on a firewall between the DCNM server and the DCNM client: about the ports r...

Hi friends, I've been looking fo a network tool that helps me to find all the models and versions of my network devices. Once I used Cisco Discovery Tool but now as I've seen it was changed to be a service now. Do you know any software that could hel...

jonasdiaz by Level 1
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