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I need to add the logging event link-status command to any interface that has a description that begins with LWAPThis is what I have, but it does not work: Name: Global     SubMode: No                             isPrerequisite: No                   ...

Dear all,I have configured LMS 3.2 for network management and I am able to reach all devices.When I try to ping those devices I am able to reach each of them, but when I am trying to do the telnet I am not able to do the same.Is there any specific co...

Does anyone have a link that shows all the Cisco IOS syslog messages?Such as this one for the ASA? in advance.

trippi by Beginner
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Since I installed LMS 4, the Faults panel at the top of the screen always reports 4 critical faults. When I click on the red icon to go to the Fault Monitor, I get "No faults are available" (screenshot attached).Anyone know how to fix this?Thanks

Hello.  I have a project that was put into hiatus but was just recently revived.  We've purchased the LMS 3.2 package back then, which I believe is now EOL.  But now that the 4.0 release is out, is there a free upgrade option from 3.2 to 4.0?  Thank ...

I want to change zhe display name of some devices in the DCR. But I always get the error message :"The device is not available in the Device Credential Repository, or you are not authorized to view the device details."What's the problem?

Dear AllWe have a CUOM running in live environment and are facing multiple issues but the more severe of these issues is ..1.CUOM stops sending alerts and notifications and once this happens we have to reboot the system and it starts working fine the...

I am have 27 devices that RME reports as "Out-of-Sync", among those some are Nexus 7K devices, with the sysObjectId ., which according to the "Supported Device Table for LMS 3.2" is supported in RME 4.3.1.Searching for devic...

ww9rivers by Beginner
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