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Resolved! Vlan

Hi experts  I am using a 3750 switch I want to configure 3 vlans on it , but I want to make sure that all ports in the switch will be available for all the vlans.. and I have three different Ip range for three vlans. I appreciate some could help with...

Hello!I have installed LMS 3.2 with RME 4.0.3.Apparently from the document 4.0.3 does not support Cisco Cat6500, Routers 380...

hi all,i wondering which kind of traps can i expect from a network which is full dual-stack, and whereospfv3 and mp-bgp are working over ipv6 peering relationships.are those traps part of the IP-MIB and IP-FORWARD-MIB only? i ask this because i did a...

Hi,I'm running lms 3.2 on W2008, i get  this error "DCR Server may be down." when i connect to device  management.The process DCRServer is running normally, i've  restarted it and i have the same result.In the DCRServer.log no  error message(DCR Serv...

Aziz00000 by Beginner
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I checked previous discussion regarding this topic and was unable to find a solution.  My syslog analyzer was working at one point, but now it has stopped and I can not get it back to a working condition. It appears the Analyzer is running, but not r... by Beginner
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Recently upgraded to LMS 3.2 and Campus Manger 5.2. Since the upgrade Data Collection doesn't seem to work. The schedule is in place and I've tried manually forcing it to start with no luck. The user tracking seems to be working normally. Any id...

jms112080 by Beginner
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What is the maximum number of jobs that can run simultaneously..?  We have a compliance template which reports that 1,381 devices are non-compliant, but it takes a little over one minute to make the changes on each device.  This would work out to be ...