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Hello,I wanted to understand what do the purge jobs do in CiscoWorks.Does it purge the manually generated reports, the logs generated by the jobs, the automatic report, general system logs or something else.I need to fine tune the purge policy to sav...

I configured the EEM applet to run every hour, but it turns out that it run 2 times per hour. Right after the applet finish, it starts again for one more time. I suspect the cron is not configured properly. I checked the crontab documentation and I c...

I have installed Cisco Cp on two different XP machines, and  I get the same error (Java ???) on both when I start the tool.This is the error:> org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCEException : Cannot open connection> errorHas anyone seen this error and...

m.bavera by Beginner
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Dear CommunityI'm a newbie in LMS, recently we have done a new installation of LMS3.2, in which customer needs their own display and logo in the portal page. Sombody can help me to find out a way to do the same ? or kindly point some helpful document...

Hello,I get this error                       ANIServer Failed to  run                     0                     -2                         1073741822                      N/A. I have change file to this other(view attach).How can...

j-fragoso by Beginner
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When devices on our network lose power or reload for whatever reason, we are losing our v3 snmp command to what seems to be a default value inserted by the devices. when this happens, we lose reachability with ciscoworks, and it requires we go back i...

mhafbnet by Beginner
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Resolved! EEM Timeout

I am using the EEM to archive the router's configuration and other log to my SCP server on a daily basic. The SCP server is hosted on a Windows server environment. When archive or copy manually to the SCP server, it takes around 10 sec to authenticat...

Hi,I am seeking for solution to my customer . They need a solution that will give them the ability to analyze the ip conversations between hosts.1.       Ability to analyze host to host conversation in a byte/sec and packets/sec granularity.2.       ...