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I tried installing LMS 3.2 on VMWare ESxi 4.0, Windows Server 2008 w/ SP1. Installation was successful, but I was trying to access the LMS thru webgui (Internet Explorer), I can only see a blank page after logging in.Will LMS 3.2 work properly when i...

kmong by Beginner
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Hallo,I scheduled a daily backup at 10:00 p.m.Now I noticed the following error on my LMS 3.2 Backup.I get two E-Mails1. Backup failed on 2010/05/20 at 22:53:27. REASON: Database rmengdb backup failed and. Check the log file for information.2.Backup ...

Hello,I've downloaded the trial version of CiscoWorks and have installed all the modules.  Does anyone know what the main modules are they use as I'd like to focus on these,  the one I like so far is the CiscoView.  Can't find any pricing for this pi...

Andy White by Participant
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Due to security settings in our environment, we are no longer able to support self-signed certs.  I am currently migrating to LMS 3.2 and before I can do that I need to install new certs.  I have a 3 server setup with a Master and two slaves.  I need...

This may sound like a funny question but is TACACS+ free?I used TACACS+ in the past (full version with the GUI) but I was not involved in the purchasing... I am seeing a number of sites that provide TACACS for free but I am not sure if it's the full ...

ronshuster by Beginner
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Hiswitch1 (4506, IOS 12.2(53)SG1)switch1 has default gateway (telco), if is not reachable by PING, then switch1 need remove the default gateway and install a new default gateway of, if ping is working, then switch1 need remove...

noname2010 by Beginner
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We need to be able to change the allowable line rate going into a switch from a Linux Mgt Server using snmp.   Was trying to use EEM applets which would be triggered via snmp traps from the server. We need to change it up to ten different rates.  I c...

jschweng by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco LMS 3.2

I have cisco LMS 3.2 installed on the virtual machine. The problem i am facing is that i cannot detect devices automatically behind other vendor devices. I can ping the devices and i can also add manually but i need LMS to discover them automatically...