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Using HP NNMi, I'd like to monitor the LACP interfaces on Catalyst 3750.But the status of NNMi is not reflect the actual status.All MIBs are loaded on NNMi other than following two. > > > > > CISCO-LACP-MIB> > > > > IEEE8023-LACP-MIBAlthough I've che...

I am attempting to modify an existing tcl script that can apply QoS policies on IP Phones and Router/Switch ports but it does not seem to work, anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Ideally once I have this script working, I would use EEM netconfi...

Hi Guys,I am not an expert but a learner on cisco 837 and 877 series. i need to configure ip route-cache flow on the 877 interface for the netflow analyzer. the router is a site to site vpn set up. for some reason the router is not recongising the ip...

tomphilip by Beginner
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Dears,I am using LMS 3.2 with RME 4.3.1And I use config compare function in RME to compare two versions of one device.When I try to show diff only of two different versions.(You may see the result in attached file)There is the same line marked as blu...

Mason Tu by Beginner
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