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DFM Device umanaged vs. managed

I have unmanaged several interfaces in Ciscoworks and applied changes to make sure we do not get alerted.Every now and then its seems as these interfaces are becoming in a managed state, why is that?The version of DFM i'm running is 3.2.0 on LMS 3.2T...

dionjiles by Beginner
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Finding unused POE ports

This seems like a pretty simple query for Campus User tracking but I don't see a way to do this.  I would think you would do a custom report but how do I query if a port is POE capable?On a side note, is there a list somewhere that has all the possib...

LMS 3.2 Shutdown/Restart

Hi,When ever I have to shut down LMS which has been stable and re-start the Service (not a Server shut down).LMS ends up reporting that all the devices are unavaiable and I end up having to clear all the events out of the DFM queue.Is this normal or ...

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Resolved! EEM And Tcl scripts

HiPlease teach me. How to implementation EEM.I want use EEM this situation.When gi1/1 detect down EEM scripts enable.In case gi1/1 is up  within 3 seconds then finish the EEM scripts.Another case gi1/1 down time is over 3 seconds, Then shutdown gi1/2...

yutan8888 by Beginner
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Problem with beckup LMS 3.1

hello, somebody can tell me why I did not make cisco works plus beckup?Folder of beckup I always find a file called beckup.lockIf the gate when I make my next beckup regenerates the same file beckup.lock and I can not do the error log it sa...

CBQoS polling getting time out

Hi All,I am polling my CISCO ASR router to get CBQoS data. I am getting request time out when polling thorugh SNMP, regardless of whathever  the SNMP timeout value is set. Following is my CISCO ASR IOS version:Cisco ASR#sh verCisco IOS Software, IOS-...

Resolved! Can Etherchannel be monitored in LMS3.2?

I am trying to view traffic information for a Port Channel on a 6509; however I can only select physical ports.  Does HUM enable any sort of capability in this end?  Anyone have any suggesstions of how I might check this information and have graphica...

Ciscoworks 3.2 Discovery Issue

Hi, I am running Ciscoworks 3.2 on a single server.  In our environment we have router and switches with multiple interfaces.  Each interface has it's own IP Address and DNS name, along with a loopback address for management.  When Ciscoworks discove...

alejreyes by Beginner
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