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Hi,We have a standalone Service Monitor server, that resides on a separate server from Operations Manager, we have not a multi-server environment, and the communication between the servers is not enabled by a "trust" model addressed by certificates a...

aromn by Level 1
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Dear all,I configured SNMP on all the routers located in my network, I checked the configuration properly but it doesn't have problem, All the routers are showing the configurations via this software(Cisco NetIPmanager with license) , like CPU utiliz...

Due to growth of the network, I need to split a single LMS 3.2 server into two seperate machines (master-slave).I've prepared two new (virtualized) window servers. installed a clean LMS 3.2 server1 (RME, CM) server 2 (DFM, IPM and HUM)I've restored t...

vergeerf by Level 1
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Hello,the customer uses LMS 3.1 on Solaris. He tried to get the detail information about discovery jobs, but the most discovery jobs don't show information about the number of discovered, devices, reachable devices.... I'm sending you the screenshot ...

HelloI'm running Cisco LMS 3.2 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.Products installed:CiscoWorks Common Services 3.3.0Campus Manager 5.2.1CiscoView 6.1.9CiscoWorks Assistant 1.2.0 Device Fault Manager 3.2.0Internetwork Performance Monitor 4.2.0Integratio...

I work for a network performance team and we were asked to monitor the CPU Utilization for a Cisco 7613. It was thought (by Management) that turing on SNMP would cause the CPU to be over utilized. We usually poll the device via SNMP to gather this in...

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me, we have just had CiscoWorks installed however this morning we have a strange occurrence where the syslog, config and inventory information is missing from all the devices.  Usually when we go into Device Center ...