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We have LMS3.2 RME4.3.1 on solaris serverCan LMS see/save if a HW added/removed to the box. and is it debends on syslog or SNMP to detect changes?What is the different between Reports-Report Generato-Inventory-"24 hoursinventory change report" and Re...

I am trying to install the lms32win (LAN Managment System) evaluation software.  The download from using the cisco dowload tool seems to go ok.  However, when I try to copy the zip file to a usb drive windows xp gives me a crc error so I ca...

Tod Larson by Participant
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Hi,I'm upgrading 3.0.1 to 3.2 version. In the process of upgrade, the setup program asked me for license file. I was thinking it will automatically found old one. I found several license files in my system:Under \CSCOpx\etc\licenses there are 5 .lic ...

We just order LMS 3.2 installation DVD from Cisco. So we will upgrade it from 3.0. Based on the Cisco document, before I upgrade it, I need to stop service and backup data. All of data will be automatically migrated to new version with local installa...

Hello.Ive been using LMS 2.6. I believe the following LMS 2.6 issues are resolved from what I can see.... DFM -no SNMP v3 encryption.     (I believe this is now supported)CAMpus map no HSRP support    ( I believe this is now supported)CAmpus map CDP ...