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Hello,We use LMS 3.1 with the available patches installed.I wanted to configure some device credentials and identities.After clicking "Apply" the following error was displayed:"Internal error in communication channel."I attached the dcr.log for furth...

Sven Hruza by Enthusiast
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Hi,I've a problem with a newly installed LMS 3.2 (running RME 4.3.0). I've several 3750E switches with identical configuration (I mean IOS ver., SSH ver., same location, same interconnection to LAN, etc.).One switch gives me the following problem:1. ...

csireg000 by Beginner
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Hi,I have been having a problem with our SNMP Manager (CA Spectrum)The problem is that Spectrum is reporting "Excessive Interface Reconfiguration" alarms on a lot for our switches and routers (various types and IOS levels)when in reality nothing is h...

chrisayres by Beginner
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Hi,I don't know if i missed this somewhere, if i did, kindly refer me to the right location for the soluiton.1. I just installed LMS 3.2 on windows 2003 Server with DFM 3.2.0 AND funny enough i get the same challenge as i use to in LMS 3.1. DFM sends...

Scelo by Beginner
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Hello!I have a question concerning Ping Sweep On IP Range function in LMS 3.1, Common Services-Device Discovery-Device settings.I´m trying to shrink the IP-range by doing like the following example, i have made a "Discovery In File/ From File to use;...

p950mte by Beginner
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Hellowhere i can see only snmp traps in LMS 3.0.1 ?? I m receiving snmp traps in a syslog.I have seen this by shutting down 1 of the power supply of 6500.Thanks,