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I am currently trying to write a manual applet that will get port information from the syslog msg and then interface into that port to do several commands.When using even triggers, such as (event syslog pattern "xxxxx") it works fine. When I use the ...

MB-Net by Level 1
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I'm trying to ping both vlans at company1 router to both Lans at company2 router but for some reason when the packet was sent out to the ISP router it went to company3 router instead of company1 router so can't figure out why (ps. I've already trunke...

Screenshot (117).png
LeeHo by Level 1
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Hi guys, I work as network engineer. I work with Switches ( Catalyst, Nexus), routing ( BGP for the most part) and firewalls (ASA, Checkpoint).Is there good resource to level up my game in troubleshooting. Manuals, videos or whatever helped you to le...

clevend by Level 1
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Resolved! eem in n9k

hi,I'm trying to build an eem script on my n9k to be warn when bgp state changes but it doesn't work because of syntax and I'm a bit lost so if anyone could help that would be great :event manager applet BGPevent syslog pattern ".*%BGP-5-ADJCHANGE:.*...

nvanhaute by Level 1
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My husband & I have been coexisting for years,l iving separate lives. At the same house, using the wifi that is in my name solely. convinced he has hijacked my phoned by manipulating the router.  I have searched logins & came across a GMM app that is...