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Hello,We are running RME 3.4.1, when doing an image upgrade we are receiving the following error :Loading image file to flash device : rep_sw_1054534997912433081 -->  flash:c1200-k9w7-tar.123-8.JEC2.tar using TFTP Loading image file to flash device :...

lni1 by Beginner
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Dear friends,I discovered about 20 devices and then ran a Sync Archive job on those 20 devices by choosing "All devices".Again later, i added another 15 devices and i assumed that Sync Archive would have taken care of doing a config backup for them a...

Hi,I've a server QPM v.4.0 & I wanted to add the devices of the network (400 switch) to it,but instead of adding them manually,I wanted to import a csv file or an xml file generated by the LMS server v.3.0,how can i do that? is it possible?

Hi All,1st question:Where can I find the UTlite install package? I have LMS 4.2.2nd Question:My user tracking is only running and discovering 3 devices. All of my devices are in CiscoWorks, but for some reason, User Tracking only reports mac-addresse...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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I am trying to get inventory report for all Model number: WS-C2924C-XL-EN  model but RME report keep telling me I don't have that one. but I know I have plenty. RME only pull generall report for whole WS-C2924C model. how I can pull the inventory rep...

Hi ciscoteam,i have lms 2.6 and i am trying to do a netconfig job via rme >tools>netshow>netshow jobs>create -- to execute the commands "show pas vsa statistics and show crypto eliInitially i got the error ERROR:RME_CDL1045:Pre-Device deploy operatio...