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Resolved! External CA

I am trying to install a certificate from a 3rd party root CA (Thawte).I'm using the script as instructed here. For some reason the utility doesn't seem to recognize my .crt file. Here is what I get:You have the following options1. Display...

Marvin Rhoads by VIP Community Legend
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Hello,The SysLog purge job in RME has recently started failing and I'm not sure why - It has run OK for over a month but started failing on Friday last week??I've search the forums and have found that there was a bug whereby more than one SysLogDefau...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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I'm trying to run multi service port report for Cisco 7606 runing 122-33.SRCR1 image and I get the following error:INVREP0060: None of the selected device(s) are multi-service port capable. Select multi-service port supported devices to generate the ...

nawas by Enthusiast
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We're running LMS 3.1.  Whenever I try to telnet to any device I get a message "Application Not Found".  What application is it trying to open and how do I change it?

rmoneal by Beginner
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Normally when I run the device discovery service, I can see the statistics in Device Discovery Summary and its take at least an hour.Now when I hit the Discovery button, CW says it has completed the job -in less than 5 seconds. The Device STatus says...

baotran09 by Beginner
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Hi Clarke,I get failed while taking the ciscoworks 2000 database backup and attached is the logs im getting..Could you please suggest me on this...I tried to restart the services, tried to change the ani db password but that itself failed.I found tha...

secureIT by Enthusiast
  • 8 replies
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Hi Community, we would like to monitor a 3750 switch for the below parameters. can you please advise which MIB should we download for that  ( please provide the exact name ) ? does it need a specific account to be able to download them ? thanks for t...

I note that the CSS 11501 is a CM-supported device. This is according to the Supported Device Table for LMS 3.2.My Campus Manager (5.2.1 with the CM6.0 device updates applied) lists my 11501's as unconnected devices even though they and their upstrea...

Marvin Rhoads by VIP Community Legend
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