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After reading the docs on the IPSLA ED, I decided to write the following applet just to see if I understand how to use it.ip sla responder ip sla enable reaction-alertsip sla 1 udp-jitter 16384 num-packets 100 interval 20   request-data...

I am currently running CiscoWorks 2000 on Solaris 9, but the administrator is going to upgrade that box to Solaris 10.  Will CiscoWorks2000 run on Solaris 10? These are the packages I am currently running:- LMS Bundle                = 2.6- CiscoWorks...

bspear123 by Level 1
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For interface up/down trapIn IOS it used to be:Generic: 2; Specific: 0; Enterprise: .;Variables:[1] mgmt.mib-2.interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifIndex.34 (Integer): 34[2] mgmt.mib-2.interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.34 (OctetString): POS...

I installed CiscoWorks LMS 3.2 on a Server 2008 SP1 machine.  Installation went fine.  I am using IE 7.0 on the server to access LMS 3.2.  I get the web interface for the unsecure site but when I provide my login credentials, I get redirected to the ...

Hi,When there is not enough space on swap device for old ios and new one, swim failed to upgrade to new one. Is it a normal behaviour ?When there is not enough space for both ios, does LMS is able to delete the old one before upgrade the new one ?We ...

ebezombes by Level 1
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I just saw the option for rmeptt during an LMS 3.2 upgrade. I had never noticed this little nugget on many previous upgrades. A little search shows it's been there since LMS 2.6. I'm wondering if the following verbiage implies its effectiveness is si...

yjdabear by VIP Alumni
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I am currently having a major issue trying to distribute software via the software repository in RME (LMS 3.2). For any image I attempt to distribute, I get the following error:SWIM1001: The input parameters to the Image Distribution/Image Import/Ima...

Hi ,I am able to see sylog messeges if I  enable snmp syslog traps in my device. but not able to generate syslog messages report in RME , I have already enabled logging commands with LMS IP and default port 514 in my devices, all other syslog service...