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Ok The question is Where can i get a download of the ws-c4006 mangement software? Because i got this Ws-c4006 o ebay when i t got delivered it had no software or instructions so im  looking to download the software any suggestions?

Hi guys,I upgraded LMS 3.0 to LMS 3.2 and started Daemon Manager but the web server didn't get started, when i check process most of them didn't get started and as a results iT can't comunicate with DCR.

Scelo by Level 1
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Hello,I have LMS 3.2 1500 devices LIC & HUM 1.2 1000 Devices LIC.Can I install them on the same physical server ?If I can, what is the server requirements ?, I saw at the LMS 3.2 installation only HUM 300 + LMS 1500 server requirements.Appreciate you...

HiWe are currently in the process of changing our SNMP RO passwords on devices via using groups in DCR.  As this is to be a stage by stage excercise (i.e 20 devices one week, 20 devices the following week), does the SNMP need to be changed as a defau...

dmistry21 by Level 1
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Both switches are configured with the same allowed vlansswitchport trunk allowed vlan 2-4094Can anyone explain why I get this result?The fix from CiscoWorks says:You can resolve this by modifying the list of allowed VLANs between the two ends of a tr...

I have 2 identical Cat6500 with VS-S720-10G (Dual Sup) IOS 12.2(33)SXH2a. Both Chassis have the same configuration. One of them exports the Netflow Date as expected. The other one exports 0 packets.But I can see a lot of Flows on th CLI.#sh mls netfl...

odamis by Level 1
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