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I have upgraded LMS3.2 from 3.1, but now it's running extremely slow. I have tried stopping service, terminating sm_server.exe, sm_authority.exe and brstart.exe for 15 minutes and restarting service as mentioned in one of the notes, but still no luck...

msalim by Beginner
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Hello, I have added the GSS to DCR and the verification report shows the SNMP, ssh, enable by ssh is all Ok. But on running Sync Archive via RME, I get the following errorProtocol ==> Unknown / Not ApplicableSelected Procotol with order --> SSH, TFTP...

tech_trac by Beginner
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I want to install CWLMS on Windows 2008 Server. I've read that the only supported version is LMS3.2 but I only have LMS2.6 CD's and license. How can I get LMS 3.2 from Cisco (the only available version is 3.0)? Can I use the 2.6 license in 3.2 instal...

ajtm by Beginner
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Hi Teamwe are getting this error while login into the LMSLMS 2.6 on windows server 2003, and getting the below error while logging, You don't have permission to access /cwhp/LiaisonServlet on this server.Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encoun...

vaibhav-g by Beginner
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Hello. We have about 60 offices spread across Canada, which all connect back to our head office via an MPLS network. For the most part, everything works great, not many complaints from users. Our offices range from T1 speed to 10Mb. Every now and the...

poulid by Beginner
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I have an issue with CM Visualization when I display the layer 2 view. I have a device in another state that is connected to our WAN via a MPLS network that does not support CDP traffic. That said the CM Visualization applet creates a link across t...

rnieuwhof by Beginner
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Hi,There seems to be issue with the Sync Archive of the devices. I have LMS3.0 windows version installed.The problem is the Sync Archive job says successfull but after that if we try to compare the device running config with the Latest Archive, it sh...

Hi all, i want to collect inventory for the router i am targeting ( i am writing a program so need some help ). What i want is what modules are installed in router, their name, their serial no. If possible but optional for now is router flash and DRA...