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I have just installed a LMS3.0 on Solaris 10 and trying to import inventory in a csv format. (I exported inventory file from LMS2.6) When I do this I get the error Import from file failed.Reason: Invalid file format.The file name is inv_export.csv.Ca...

nawas by Enthusiast
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Hey everyone.I noticed that all my 3750s, even though some are standalone, are recognized as 3750 Stack by LMS 3.2 (and 2.6 for that matter). This isnt really an issue for most things, but i'm running int a problem when it comes to baseline template ...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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I am running LMS 3.2 with HUM 1.2 and DFM 3.2.0. I am trying to set up Thresholds and would like to have any threshold alerts go to DFM so they can then be reported to us on CA Unicenter console. When we upgraded to LMS 3.2 someone from Cisco supp...