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SNMP Traps Recommendation ?

Dear All,I need your suggestion regarding enabling of snmp traps on cisco devices. What is the recommended set of traps we should enable on devices ? I am asking this becasue we have few very low bandwidth links ( 128 kbps ) at some of our enterprise...

rmujeeb81 by Beginner
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Resolved! SSH issue with LMS 3.1

Hi, I've read several threads with the same issue, some docs (such as user guide for campus manager 5.1) and still have no solution.So, I've tried to SSH to devices from campus manager-> topology view but always got this message "ssh client is not fo...

dosic by Beginner
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Cannot start demo of SDM

I have downloaded and installed SDM onto my laptop and downloaded the SDM_Demo_Tool file which I copied to C:\ as instructed. I then ran SDM, entered and received an error message saying that the router cannot be contacted or is not running...

Resolved! Realtime Archive Mgmt

Is it possible, that if someone changes the router config, it will be send to your E-mail right away.I did found a option at "RME>Config Management>Archive Management>Synch Archive" that allows you to automatically get configs every 6 hours.

NAM/NFS rotate files not working?

We have a NAM 3.6.1 and we wanted to use the rotate files option in capturing. We have setup a capture data storage sucessfully and shows the mount space. But in the the capture to disk settings it still won't let you choose rotate files and the new ...

jcmattos1 by Beginner
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Startup and Running Out-Of-Sync Summary

Hello! In "Out-Of-Sync Summary" RUNNING cfg is dated Feb 03 2009 04:14:27 and Startup is dated Feb 24 2009 04:13:55, how can it be that Running cfg is older than Startup cfg? Configuration Last archived Time Feb 03 2009 04:14:27,Inventory Last Collec...

p950mte by Beginner
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Resolved! snmpget on Cisco devices

which snmpget command able me to get Serial number from Cisco device. I use to"snmpget -v1 -c communitystring hostorIP mib-" or snmpget -c community hostorIP cisco.temporary.chassis.chassisId.0 but most of the time I didn't get seria...

LMS upgrade path and cost

Hi, We are looking at upgrading our Current Ciscoworks platform. It is currently operating on a windows 2000 platform. The current configuration is as follows: Product Name Version With Patch Level Installed Date 1. CiscoWorks Common Services 3.0.6 2...

georgeef1 by Beginner
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dbvalid command

I know you can use the dbvalid command to verify the integrity of the databases. Is it recommended that you bring down the daemon before running the dbvalid command on the databases. Also, if it find any errors, will it repair them automatically?

didentx01 by Beginner
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MIB for Supervisor Engine 6-E

Does anyone know what MIB I can use for a Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine 6-E? I've been looking in the MIB locator at and can't seem to locate one that supports the Supervisor 6-E. If anyone knows please forward this on to me. Thanks.