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Resolved! Dmvpn problem

Hello I have dmvpn  between ASR and c800 , with 4 tunnell and ospf protocol . tunnel 0 has ip ospf cost1 , tunnel 1 has cost 5 and so . It is working normally , route is coming from tunnel 0 , but my problem is that when i shutdown tunnel 0 in hub si...

Pantsu by Beginner
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Resolved! Prime Infrastructure compliance jobs updated by change of policy/profile?

I have a Prime Infrastructure runnung version 3.9.Following scenarion, I do already have scheduled compliance jobs running.If I do changes within the policies or (un)check rules in a already scheduled profile, is that updated in the already scheduled...

Resolved! Cisco FMC dual home internet connection

Hi everyone! I stuck at point, can anyone explain me how to configure Cisco FMC to automatically switch to second Internet channel, when main is down. I have this config route Outside_KTC 5 track 3route Outside 0...

loganati by Beginner
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Resolved! Can IOS do an nslookup?

I have a switch configured to resolve hostnames, it works fine, if I ping or whatever it looks up the IP and displays output.Can this be done in reverse? So If I find an IP address in the arp table and want to resolve its hostname, is t...

sdaniels44 by Beginner
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AS23456 with netflow v9

Hello, I installed Netflow v9 on an asr1001-x to collect BGP traffic information. But I notice in the monitoring tool that I have as23456 which appears with other ASN 2-byte. After some research, default Netflow exports only 2-byte ASNs in the templa...

matou801 by Beginner
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Need help with picking a router and switch for small-business with 6 offices with a network storage server, wireless access points, and voip

Hello everyone! Im doing a beginner school project and I need to pick the router, switch, and NAS server for a small business with 6 offices with voip phones and computers and printers, with a wireless access point inside and outside the building. We...

gannonr by Beginner
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QOS Packet tracer

Hello, I sincerely apologize if I asked at the wrong place to post my questions. I am currently having difficulties with implementing QoS in packet tracer. We are tasked to implement Netflow for my routers and the direction I chose to use is from AR1...

Jeremy10 by Beginner
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ping request could not find host (name). please check name and try again (packet tracer)

I've looked at everything on my network and I cannot for the life of me figure out what my issue is, my DNS server Ip's are all correct from what I've seen. I have a PC on the same exact router that is able to ping both the IP address and the hostnam...