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"snmp-server enable traps ipsla" command unavailable - strange difference in IP SLA configuration on identical routers

Hi guys. Sorry if I am asking about something trivial and well known but I have come across this for the first time. I was asked to look at the issue of some Cisco routers not generating and pushing SNMP traps to NMS servers. Comparing configurations...

Resolved! Can not reach Internet

I am afraid I am experiencing a simple oversight but I have looked at this for a little while, and decided to reach out to the community for help.  In my home I am running a Cisco 2901 with a 3560 behind it.  I have three vlans on the switch an dthe ...


Hello,  I have a network configuration of 3 MS0 switch, MS0 is acting as dhcp which is giving ips to MS1. MS3 is the internet. However, I am unable to get an ip address for pc4 and pc7 on my MS1 switch interface. Also, I notice all of my pdus are fai...

Sanjay916 by Beginner
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Network Management Solutions

I just wanted to see what everyone is using for network management for their networks and why. We currently use Solarwinds which is ok. I believe for the money paid it could be better. We have over 250 switches and the poker is at 132% and of could t...

Resolved! Allow a cloud in PT to access the internet

Hi guys, I'm doing a lab for training and I'd like to connect the cloud from packet tracer to my real internet, so I can ping from a pc that is in the lab. Is it possible to do? I mean I want a real access to the internet in my little PT lab....

Pietro955 by Beginner
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How to copy ios image from PC to GNS3?

I researched on this issue on internet but couldn't find a clear cut solution, so need your advice.Iam writing an ansible script for automating the entire IOS upgrade process. So I plan to test IOS upgrade activity in GNS3 using ansible.My script nee...

vikram4 by Beginner
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Server placement

Hey everyone, I have a question and I need help with some best practices here. So I've configured Active Directory, and I've been trying to understand DNS more. When you have a server running AD/DC for user accounts, do you want it to be within the s...

template with interactive command to erase an username (multiple family devices/OS)

Hi all,I need a bit of help to create a template whose job is to erase an username.The problem is that on some switches when I write the command "no username old_user" the prompt asks for a confirmation with this question on the next line "This opera...