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Router Serie 12000 SNMP Problems

After a electric problem in our office both router cisco 12006 reboot. I monitorized both equipoment using MRTG and this OID are now no response. The SNMP and anccess list is well configurated. I can graph the traffic in each interface but for this v...

LMS 3.1 Multiserver installation

I have installed a LMS 3.1 in multiserver environment with ACS integration.Primary server has got most of the modules installed where as Slave has got just CS and DFM modules.The devices has been discovered and showing perfect on primary where as I c...

satishy_2 by Beginner
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All VTY are busy

Hello,we have some switches (c3750) which have all VTY lines busy. We know why, because we are using a tool which works not correct. I tried the following way, but i cannot clear any of these lines. When i do a snmpwalk to tslineSesAddr i see 16 Ip-a...

b.hofmann by Beginner
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Resolved! License for 3.1 install

Hi, I'm installing 3.1 to a new server, when I rec'd the upgrade it did not come with a PAK number so I am unable to get a license file to install 3.1 and license for 3.0 doesn't can I get the license file, also, when I got the 3.1 upgrad...

Netflow on 2811 vs. 2821

Hello,I have Netflow v5 running well on a Cisco 2821 router running IOS v12.4(13R)T5. I have a 2811 router running IOS v12.4(13R)T and cannot get Netflow to populate properly. The configs are as follows for Netflow:2811ip flow-export source FastEth...