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Hello,  I need to configure some Switches (this switches are connected to a Server PT) with a bunch of cameras connected to each Switch, for a security system. But I don't know which Switches support power over Ethernet. I've been using one Switch th...

hello guys, i am looking for the newest IOS version for our c3845 ISR.i've looked through the download center but i couldn't find the device in the's currently running on c3845-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M7.binand i believe that c3845-adventerp...

Resolved! EEM Variables

Is there a way to make a universal applet that triggers on any port? I'm trying program the switch with port security, and when it a violation occurs, the applet runs to disable port security and then notify me, so workers can work, but i can see som...

sjacksier by Level 1
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Hello team, I’m having issue with EVE-NG management cloud. I’m using Linux Ubuntu 20.04 as my OS, and VMware Workstation as my hypervisor. I set eve-ng network adapter to be bridged in VMware, then I open EVE-NG web page and  create a new lab and add...

MuathA. by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I just setup a backup of my PI into a remote server, before it was on local PI. I know it was wrong to stored it locally, so I moved it to a remote backup server. I just realized that the backup size is almost 13GB and it took 6 hours to com...

fdharmawan by Level 4
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Greating sir, Could i inject my initial configuration file into ios image, so after resetting the router,i got the initial configuration ? if possible, how to do it ? If not ? How can i go to my special initial configuration after resetting the devic...

Gamaci by Level 1
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Hello community, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I'm hoping someone can help. Long story short, I have a Cisco 4431 router that is used as the gateway router for my company's Wireless. Somehow I must have mistyped the console password when I first insta...

Hello I am having some major throughput issues with my WAN (Internet access).My original software was 7.0.1, I then upgraded to 7.1.0-90 and same thing.My FPR is configured in PPPoEI have 0 configuration (so no misconfiguration) Here is the weird thi...

TheGoob by Level 4
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