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Resolved! Telnet not working

HelloI cant connect to my router (cisco 881)with telnet, only console workingI use this manual  try with windows client, putty and linux - not workingabc@abc:~$ telnet 24Tryin...

sash1010 by Beginner
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Hello, I am retrieving the interfaces configurations and statistics with netconf and ncclient on a Nexus switch.I have installed the mtx-openconfig-all- on the nexus and the request xml is this one: <interfaces xmlns="htt...

Hi.We used Solarwinds NPM to monitor our 9200L switches. They're configured with an SVI and an IP address is placed on it. That IP address is what NPM uses to contact them. According to NPM, a switch's CPU spiked today to around 15% and we saw that w...

WGL_BK by Beginner
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Experiencing extremely slow transfer times using scp to transfer an IOS XE image to an ASR-1002(X).  Have attempted using three different routers and two separate servers.  In all cases scp is extremely slow.  A 380MB image is still transferring afte...

still doing some reading on this but I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere yet,. so I figured I'd ask.we are currently on 3.7 so we get to go through all the fun of a new VM. Our vm is currently deployed as "express" (this pre-dates me being with th...

cmarva by Enthusiast
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Hello, We are currently using an RV325 for our Internet-facing router. There are a few port-forwarding rules and firewall rules on it. We also have a single DMZ IP configured on one of the RV325's ports. We also have a Meraki MX100 for our VPN needs....

When pinging mymail both from external and vpn, we are getting duplicate packets.This was initially found with exchange but I believe it affects all addresses.Can  this indicates an issue on the network? Many thanks,   64 bytes from <ht...

Hello community, I have experienced an issue on Cisco Prime 3.8.1 (is patched and updated), that Assurance and Health Summary System Jobs are not triggered. All these jobs are in status Scheduled and Last Run Status is Success, but next start time is...

mareksumny by Beginner
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I am attempting to use EEM to build an applet that will automatically backup the configuration to a TFTP server after changes are made per DISA STIGS. I have tried different variations and still come up with no backup.First I tested the command  #cop...