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Hi guys,I am visiting a remote office with 4221 router. I dont work with CISCO so I trying to get to WebUi to avoid CLI. Currently I cannot even SSH and have to specifically Telnet from PUTTY. WebUI is accessible, but it refuses my credentials (Wrong...

JiriB0609 by Beginner
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  Cisco Prime  backup file is describe as having  223GB size from the name ftpprime-161023-1726__VER2.,   after a successful backup, here is the size of the file 17G   File size -rw-rw-...

Hello Engineers, Suddenly I cannot read switch log msgs because of sentences are composed of codes.I have not seen like this , so I am worried about the something has wrong to our switch. <Switch Info>- Cisco C3750X-Version 15.0(2)SE10a  Can anyone h...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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Hi,I was practising aaa method list and came around a situation where i am stuck, after enabling aaa on router and trying to telnet it through pc it was successful so out of curiosity i shut the interface connected to aaa server in snap i.e f0/1 and ...

Asif.oxy by Beginner
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I am working with ASR-920-12CZ's and am in the process of updating the IOS in dozens of 920's. Recently I have ran into a batch where the USB MEM port is not recognizing my memory stick and have to resort to updating the  IOS over tftp. That wouldn't...

On IOS platform, I can use the command "show ntp status" to ensure the clock is synchronized to the NTP server. On NXOS , could you tell me how to check the ntp status and ensure the nexus's clock is synchronized with NTP server ?  

Has anyone used any tools besides Excel/Visio to create maps of their network?I looked at solarwinds but due to the hack everyone is now down on solarwinds.I checked on a couple of others, Datadog and manage engine but they would duplicate some funct...