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Hi I don't know if somebody here work with NetManager, but I try to evaluate this product to know if its good enough.I actually install the evaluation 1.0 software on a windows 2003 server. It work fine but like the bug ID : CSCsl12370 I have some pr...

jroussy by Beginner
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I am working in a small company with 70% of PCS and 30% Macs. Currently the place has got about 350 computers with 1700 users. Recently i used a special network monitoring software called wireshark to monitor the network. Wireshark gives me a clear p...

vchammika by Beginner
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Hi,I dont have access to a router. But I have SNMP read write permission. I am equiped with an SNMP r/w community string. Is it possible to view the running configuration using SNMP polling using any specific MIB? Please help me in this.... Thanks in...

Hi,I installed Ciscoworks LMS 3.0 on our client's server and upon login I installed the Java Plug-in from Topology services. It did work and I was able to view the topology of the devices that I have discovered. Problem is when I updated the applicat...

I have a new server that I want to load LMS 2.6 on. The cd's that I have are the full version of LMS 2.5 and the upgrade cd to 2.6. My question is do I still need to load the LMS 2.5 full version befor loading the LMS 2.6?Thank you,

tedreese by Beginner
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All,I am just starting to configure Cisco Works I am in Common Services and I have some downed processes, they are listed below. Does anyone know what could be causing the downed services?Down Processes: EPMDbMonitor, NOSServer, CmfDbMonitor, FHServe...

mrashby by Beginner
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I try creating a collector under the IPM and I get this error message attached.Can someone please tell me where I need to check to correct this error.

sameoj1881 by Beginner
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Hi My DFM is reporting critical utilization alerts for my FWSM but when i go into the alert it is showing 6% utilization.Any idea what might be causing this?thanks00002L2 DMZ1-FWSM Interfaces and Modules Utilization Critical 22-Sep-2008 10:08:54 Even...

ogormam2 by Beginner
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I am trying to push out a new IOS to a 6500 in my network. I am using cisco works to do this. The job keeps failing. the error i am receiving in cisco works is;failed to copy the image to flash due to the reason, copy invalid server address:invalid s...

newbie by Beginner
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