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I use homebrew scripting to cross validate the inventories of two autonomous LMS installations. Sometimes I get this error "Error Locking the Mutex" and the only way I can recover is to recycle the DCR server it occurs on.Anyone have a clue what ex...

akemp by Contributor
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Hi,we have 2 LMS 3.0.1, one is running as master and the other one as slave. They have only one DCR (configured in the master LMS, the slave is pointing at the master DCR).Now we have a question: if the master server fails and it cannot run, how woul...

Hi,i seeded 62 devices manually from the DCR Master(RME)and all DCR slaves(IPM,CM and DFM) got the 62 devices.Two days later, i added 38 devices to make a total of 100 devices in the DCR master but all three DCR slaves did not get this added 38 devic...


Hi,am having issues with IPM aaplication working as expected, it sees the devices but cannot manage as expected.What could be wrong, please advice on what to do to correct.Thanks.

Hi,when I run a network discovery on all our branch equiptment, it reports that 7 our of Branch devices are unreachable.5 of the devices are Cisco POE 24 ports switches (Cisco WS-C3560-24PS - IOS 12.2(35)SE5)4 out of the 5 of these devices are uplink...

Hi,I'm using LMS 2.6. I have a trunk port with some allowed VLANs. I try to easily add some VLANs to this trunk.I have look in vlan assignment(CM) in CiscoView but i don't find any solution.Finally i have done it with the CNA.But i still wish to unde...

I want to test LMS 3.0 evaluation copy for windows test server where I can get? any place to download or from my sale rep?second version 3.1 is a minor upgrade? why is such a price diff. between the two version. what's is a reason to buy 3.1 instead...

I am trying to run SDM on my XP Workstation. The following is installed:SDM 2.5Java 1.6.0_06-b02When I launch SDM I get the following:Browser: IE 7.0Java: EnabledThen I get a popup window with a bunch of Java code:(partial copy of code)<!--- * * run...

dtom by Beginner
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I am having a problem getting the interface for cisoview to come up. It tries to go to the page and comes back with a page all grey with the word undefined in the upper left. Not sure where to go from here... Please help?I have the switch configur...

Hi, I needed to reboot the windows server and now apache server will not start. If I try and start it manually it immediately stops. Event log says apache.exe caused an exception access violation. Cannot get output from Pdshow because it tells me the...

gcossins by Beginner
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Dears ,I want to monitor the performance of my DSL VPDN Tunnels which is configured on Cisco 7301 - LNS router . The VPDN Tunnel IP's are pinging only from 7301 LNS router while I'm putting Loopback IP as source IP . Is there is any way to monitor th...

Haris P by Enthusiast
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Is there a full list of port usage of LMS 3.1 between client and server? I need this information to tweak Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) running on both client and server.The Topology Services can not be launched on client if I'm running SEP on t...

rwang by Beginner
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