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Hi there, i have a high cpu problem in cisco 7609. I have excluded the ip.21,ip.22 and at to stop the nms from polling the routing table and the arp table, but the high cpu load still goes on. I have sniffed a huge number of get-request from some NMS...

Hi,We started to use Router 7206, as border gateway.I activated NBAR on external interface and saw a lot of statistics: ftp, http, etc, but statistics' of rtp is zero.We use IP PBX Asterisk on our side and make a lot of external calls over Internet.P...

DFM 3.0.2 (Sol 10) had a working help link up until about 1 week ago. No SW was upgraded, just occational devices addition / removal from DFM device management. When the link is clicked, a new browser window opens with the error sign in the low left ...

dmitry by Beginner
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Recently I enabled the email based event notifications in DFM and as soon as I sow a first message in the email I got a question: is there a way to customize the format of the events, specially the subject line to better identify the alarm cleared ev...

dmitry by Beginner
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hi, how can i configure the UBR7200 to monitor my clients.also, how can i erase a configuration file i just did, in the configuration file i set the password, but now i cant remember it. what do i do?thank you

uwecerron by Beginner
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In my usertracking LMS3.0.1 reports I can't find any users connected to accesspoints. Also on the switchports to which the access-points are connected appears no mac-address in the reports. With CLI on the switches I can see all the wireless-client-m...

Hi,i got a error messeage @ a Catalyst 6506 with IOS Version 12.2(18)SXF running. But i can't find any relating topic regarding this error. Maybe some1 of you knows what's the problem.%SIBYTE-SP-5-SB_OUT_OF_RX_DSCR_CH1: Out of RX descriptors on mac 0...