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The environment includes over 600 switches with a variety of CatOS and IOS versions. The management and monitoring tool for this site is the LMS 2.6 bundle (DFM 2.0.9, CM 4.0.9, RME 4.0.5). After a staffing change, I'm trying to change passwords and ...

Hi folks,I am getting erroneous BackupActivated events since I enabled the "Backup Interfcae Support Settings" Threshold category in Managing Thresholds.Background Info: We dual home our remote site routers to separate 3560 switches and run backup i...

stevek1 by Beginner
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All of sudden CW stoped sending me network information at the same time I have added new devices to the network and CW is not discovering it. I am new to CW so Im not that familiar with trouble shooting it. Is there a specific place I should start? ...

d_ferraro by Beginner
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Maybe somebody knows how to get by snmp from router (2821) its port numbers to which another cisco devices are connected? For now I can get the following (from unix box):snmpwalk -a MD5 -A password -l authPriv -u username -v 3 -x DES -X privpasswordp...

dsurovtsev by Beginner
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Hi,Could you please tell me what SNMP OIDs should I query on Cat3750 to obtain following informations (if available at all):* The name of the switch I believe this one is* The MAC address of the port* The number of bytes sent f...

in LMS 2.6 under" Common Service - Server - Security - Connection Management" i could enter the CCO user and password, but in 3.0.1 not, where could it be entered now? i added two screenshots to view the differntregardsAlex

patrias by Beginner
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