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Resolved! WLSE device management in RME

Are backups of a WLSE device supported in LMS 2.6? I know WLSE's have their own built-in TFTP/SCP configured backups but would like to manage this via LMS.I've noticed that I can managed WLSE devices in CiscoWorks LMS 2.6. I have been able to add two...

muttman15 by Beginner
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CiscoWorks admin password

I've just did the fresh install of CiscoWorks LMS25 yesterday on Sol9 and then I was able to login to CiscoWorks using admin login credential. This morning when I installed the patch LSM25_dec2005 and now when I try to login it doesn't like the admin...

nawas by Enthusiast
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Best Technique for Network Management

Is it a typical practice to install a switch (2960) at sites to intergrate CIDS, KVM switches, routers, switches, etc. This would be installed behind a 2851 and provide a path for LAN traffic and isolate management. Is there a paper that details th...

tdunlap by Beginner
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Help - NAM not seeing NDE traffic

Hi,I am attempting to setup a 6500 based NAM, listening to NDE v8 traffic from a nearby 7301.I know the NAM is working OK as I use it regulalrly to collect RSPAN traffic.I guess Im missing something in the config but I cant see what, ive not configur...

spyoung by Beginner
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LMS 2.5.1 RMEDbEngine failed to Start

I am not sure if anyone has run into this, but I stopped all my services and then restarted them and the REMDb will not start back up. I am running LMS 2.5.1 on Solaris. I have TAC looking at this but they are suggesting re-install and I really don...

mapones by Beginner
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DFM unresponsive devices

Hi all.I've got several devices in DFM that are reported as unresponsive, but respond to ping from my desk top. The event ID shows the following Property Value Event_Description Unresponsive Component XX.204.39.245 [XX-r3550-B01-NER1L-1] IPStatus TI...

Resolved! Changing CiscoWorks host

We're replacing our old CiscoWorks(CW) servers.We're aiming to rebuild our new Solaris servers and install CW on them in our testing environment and then transfer them to the live environment.To be shifted to the live network the servers will have to...