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Dear Netpro,I would like to install LMS (2.6 and maybe 3.0) on a vmware virtual machine, but only for testing purposes (test patches etc.). I read that vmware is not supported. Could You give me a brief explanation about the known problems running LM...

Hi allI'm trying to stop a switch from sending the following SNMP trap:%ILPOWER-5-POWER_GRANTED: Interface Fa0/9: Power grantedI don't want to lower the logging trap level (currently set at 5).From my understanding, I can do this with either an "no s...

Hi, I am trying to check a WAN link by using the SLA tool and report to a central SNMP collector.The test consist of sending 20 every 5 minutes.I tried the following SLA monitor types and none of them gave me all what I needed:- ICMP Echo: You can't ...

We have a c6506 that we changed the IP addresses on, after that the device disappeared from the LMS 2.6 device lists. When we tried to re-add it we get an error saying you cant have duplicate names. The device does not show-up anywhere in CW LMS. I...

1aindyin2 by Beginner
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I have been experiencing issues with my syslog.log file continues to grow and I cannot figure out how to keep it down to where I can open file to view entries if needed. Currently it is at 35 gigs and growing......Attached is the parameters I have se...

dionjiles by Beginner
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Using the User Guide for Campus Manager Discrepancy Reporting I used the Spanning-tree bpduguard enable on a 3550 switch to remove the High Severity error of BPDU-Guard disabled on access ports.The Discrepancy Report still shows the BPDU-Guard disabl...

diek by Beginner
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In LMS 2.6 you can add Auto Update Servers in Common Services-Device and Credentials-AUS Management. After doing so there is no AUS running. What exactly does this feature? For me it looks like I have to run an AUS on a different machine and in LMS t...

hanjo by Beginner
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