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Hi to all!I tried to reset admin password, after restorebackup procedure from LMS 2.2 to LMS 2.6 on solaris 8.After password changed, the prompt gave me the following error:------------------------------------# ./resetpasswd -f admin*** CiscoWorks us...

I want to enable the vlan change audit filter (RME -> Admin -> ChangeAudit -> Config Change Filter). However, when I check the option and click apply, it is unchecked again after the screen refreshes. I use RME 4.0.5 running on Windows 2003 SP1.Does ...

Hello, I have a 2651 router that is configured to run DHCP. I am trying to determine if there is a way to log DHCP leased addresses and export those logs to a syslog server. I currently have a syslog server set up but do not see any entries for DHPC ...

Our Ciscoworks LMS2.6 is not logging syslog messages. I have followed all the various "redme's" etc with no success .What could I be doing wrong ??.

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Hi,This is my first time trying to use and configure snmp v3 on my cisco routers and switches.Q1) for the engine ID, should I use local or remote?Q2) if use remote, how and where can I find out what is the remote engine ID?I am using HP Openview on W...

rachelhor by Beginner
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