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Is there a way in deleting jobs via a CLI command. I've read one can do $NMSROOT/rigel/scripts/rme/ but this will delete all jobs. I would like to delete a specific or a class of (scheduled) job(s).

janvandek by Level 1
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We have CM 4.0.5. It had been running fine, but now Device Discovery won't run. I have searched through this forum and tried a number of things such as:Replacing with a copy of sure tha...

Hi all,I am trying to configure netflow on a 6509 w/ Sup 720 3BXL to send accounting data to a management server. I have netflow configured (see below) and "ip route-cache flow" set on all of my major interfaces. Netflow data is being sent to the man...

maxclark by Level 1
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We are wanting to create a URL that will directly access the UT report associated with that endhost. The idea is to have a direct link from our network docs that would open up the report in CW that would give us the port and device that the server wa...

Hi,I want to install Ciscworks LMS 2.6 in a multi server installation. Our customer wnats to have Common services on one server and all the other application on another server.I'm not able to find the right documentation on how to perform this kind o...

sroberts by Level 1
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Hy.For all the C4500 modules the Interface status seems to be displayed incorrrectly.Status 'Up' is shown as 'Up', but status 'Down' is shown as 'Fail' and 'Administratively Down' is shown as 'Down'.This happens with all of our C2950, C3550, C3560 an...

mwynen by Level 1
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we were thinking of implementing a NAC Solution into our network. we are a large campus with around 25,000 users. we were curious if this would be advantages for us to use a nac solution and if it would work for us in the first place

Hi all,I'm new using it, so, I wonder how to get a report about dropped packets of an interface, I've looking and I can monitor several counters but I don't see the "drops" and... Is there any way to get a real report? don't just see the information ...

enriquebs by Level 1
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