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LMS upgrade problem

After the upgrade to lms 2.6 we got problems to connect with http to the server. I have found this errror message in EPMserver.log - 18/okt/2006 08:33:50:419 ERROR main establishIPC - URN_NOT_FOUND : urn "ogs_ser...

sem7433 by Beginner
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Device configuration collection failed.

Hello,I'm using LMS 2.5 on Solaris and i have some problem about device configuration collection.Archive Management and Configuration download jobs are usually failed for some devices. The devices have connectivity OK and i configure Telnet SSH et rc...

rleguede by Beginner
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DFM 2.6 Notification group problem

Hi,With DFM 2.6, I'm not able to create a notification group. In first, when I launch notification group interface, no devices and existing group appeared (see attchement named first.jpg). I did a search with "*" and after all my devices are present ...

3500xl addr flap syslog traffic

1. Oct 17 2006 21:01:37 RTD 1 ADDR_FLAP GigabitEthernet0/1 relearning 5 addrs per min 2. Oct 17 2006 20:59:07 RTD 1 ADDR_FLAP GigabitEthernet0/2 relearning 5 addrs per min I have tons of syslog msg...

rpsunbeam by Beginner
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