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Fault History

Hi I am using DFM 1.2 with latest IDU's installed.under Devide falut manager I see Minitoring console,Adminitration console,Trap configuration,device discovery and fault notification,Apart from this are there any features that I should see? I would ...

ravirepaka by Beginner
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Enabling VLAN shuts others down

I have four VLANs two are up and running and the other two have been shut down when I changed from dynamic trunk to 802.1q trunk. When I issue a no shutdown on one of the VLANs it goes up but then shuts down a different one. The link and protocol a...

wrwiii122 by Beginner
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NAM and netflow

Can you use the NAM for the netflow collector and analyzer? If so, what are the pro's and con's. I can't purchase anything, so if the NAM is not a possibility, can anyone point me to collector's analyzer that will work. Of course, free.

skwood by Beginner
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TFTP Error on LMS 2.5

Hi, I am unable to download / Upload the network devices configurations using LMS 2.5The Error Message is from Switch:MDC3-S68#copy running-config tftp:Address or name of remote host []? filename [mdc3-s68-confg]?TFTP: error c...

sriram_73 by Beginner
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A question about MGM/CTM command

Hi I don't understand the difference between the commands of MGM 5.0 :"mgms-stop" and "mgms-abort" I checked the scripts and both have the same comment:Check that MGX services are not running and stop cwm processes and orbix processes.I checked also ...

gbelli by Beginner
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LMS 2.2 backup failure

I have been able to successfully back up my LMS2.2 from the GUI, howver when I tried after installing LMS 2.2 SP3 it is failing. I did this in preparation for an upgrade to LMS 2.5 and this was a requirement so the restore wouldn't fail. Now the back...

miwitte by Enthusiast
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IPM 2.6 and router 2811

I ve LMS 2.5 and IPM 2.6. I ve updated LMS last Service pack. I ve update software device with rtr file rtr2800. But i stil can't add a 2811 as a source in IPM. message is Not a know entity. In log file ipmlogger.log code retour is SNMP=2. Someone ha...