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Hello, I have a question regarding NetFlow, and NetFlow Configurations. Here is my network diagram.  I've read that:  "NetFlow is a network protocol system created by Cisco that collects active IP network traffic as it flows in or out of an interface...

thestudent by Beginner
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  I have AS 100 with 3 routers (R1, R2 and R3) running OSPF and IBGP. R2 Being route reflector R1 is connected to R4 (EBGP) === R4 is advertising is connected to R5 (EBGP) === R5 is advertising is connected to R6 (EBGP) ===...

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grew00028 by Beginner
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Hi Team, I ran into the problem of organizing a boot in legacy and UEFI on one DHCP pool, understanding rfc4578, or rather how to registaer two boot files on one DHCP pool with an understanding of 0, 6, 9 labels to select either legasy or EFI boot. I...

I have a pair of Nexus 93180YC-EX Switches which require Netflow to be enabled/configured. The default NX-OS OS the Switches came with did not even support Netflow. We've upgraded to 7.0.3.I7.2 version. So Netflow is supported and the feature is enab...

rvr_76bg by Beginner
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Topology:Question Regarding Spanning Tree and SVIs on a Full Mesh Metro E/ EoMPLS setup.1. What will be the issues if spanning tree is filtered on the spokes ( and, as primary communication would be via IGP routing thru the use of...